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Themed Weddings

If you want your wedding to stand out, exceptional, and want your guests to relish a relaxed and special atmosphere, we offer you the possibility of celebrating your wedding with MEDIEWORLD, a company specialized in Weddings and Medieval Events, and themes such as Celtic, Viking, Roman, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, not to mention being pioneers in this sector with 18 years of experience.

At Medieworld we design and manufacture all the materials used (decoration, tents, clothing, tablecloths, etc.)

We have 3,200 decoration elements such as banners, confectioners, fretwork and heraldic shields, 80 tents of different sizes and colours, 4,000 rental suits and 12,000 sales accessories for women, men, boys and girls, with different sizes and styles (noblemen, Templars, princesses, innkeepers, monks, jesters, courtesans, knights, warriors, etc.). 11,200 pieces of medieval-style clay crockery (plates, bowls, salad bowls, cups, glasses, shot glasses). Wooden cutlery and jugs, 3 sound systems, 300 lamps, candlesticks, torches and wrought iron candles, 180 swords, helmets, shields, 4 armours, 900 chair covers with medieval decoration and different props for a photocall and medieval games such as thrones, punishment stocks, etc.

On, you can see videos of other weddings recorded by the different televisions, national and regional! Each medieval wedding has a personalized treatment to the taste and needs of the client.


(Point 1) Medieval decoration and setting.

(Point 2) Medieval camp.

(Point 3) Dining tent.

(Point 4) Animation and medieval games.

(Point 5) Couple and guest wardrobe.

(Point 6) Heraldic banners.

(Point 7) Medieval invitations.

(Point 8) Matching waiter suits.

(Point 9) Sound equipment.

(Point 10) Falconry.

Medieval decoration and setting:

Decoration of the hall, tent or space where the event is held with banners, confectioners, shields, swords and candelabra tables.

Photocall: Decorated space that consists of a throne, armour, punishment stocks, banners,

helmets, shields and swords so that guests can take pictures.

Presidential table: It will be highlighted by its importance with a special position and decoration, so that the bride and groom, accompanied by their parents, feel like the kings of the celebration and can enjoy the company of their guests at all times.

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Medieval Camp:

The medieval camp was made up of different tents/tents and decorated with banners, and coats of arms for an atmosphere of outdoor spaces.

Cocktail or canteen: This tent is intended for the bar or aperitif according to needs.

Settings for the ceremony: Fully set and decorated with a table, candlesticks, candles, heraldic shields and velvet tablecloth.

Settings for catering service, falconry, etc. (If necessary):

Photocall tent: It consists of a throne, armour, punishment trap, banners, helmets, shields and swords so that guests can take pictures.

Exterior decoration with pennon banners, heraldic shields, pastries and coats of arms for a medieval setting of the space in the most authentic style.

In this way, the attendees will be able to enjoy the different spaces to their heart’s content, without feeling restricted by a closed space and a stuffy environment.


Dining Tent:

Assembly of medieval tents decorated in the purest medieval style, with lamps and torches of forge, banners, shields, armour, in which you will find yourself imbued in a fully medieval atmosphere.

The tables will be decorated with wrought iron chandeliers and linens according to the big event (Chairs, tables and linens included with the contracting of the catering).

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Animation and medieval games:

Our entertainment group is made up of actors, musicians, magicians, belly dancers and professional jugglers, who will be in charge of the reception of the guests, the wedding ceremony, animation during the cocktail and food, medieval dances and games. (According to hiring)

  • Reception of the bride and groom: Our artists will perform a mesmerizing wedding procession for the arrival of the bride and groom.
  • Marriage of the couple: Our “master of ceremonies” will officiate the “theatrical” ceremony that the bride and groom wish, either in a more classic and emotional style or in another more relaxed and jovial one, even being able to mix both to the taste of the contracting parties.
  • Cocktail: During the cocktail or pica-pica our artists’ importance will be shared among the attendees. Different theatrical characters, musicians, magicians and jugglers, so that people have fun and enjoy that moment while trying some mouth-watering delicacies.
  • First-course starter: A procession of medieval musicians, elegant ladies, merry buffoons and burly gentlemen will give way to the bride and groom to the hall for the meeting with their guests since settled in their places.
  • Between 1st and 2nd course: Our actors will delight the audience with a medieval and fun theatre piece, in which people will participate, enjoy and laugh out loud.
  • Dessert entrance: Our magicians or jugglers will delight attendees with a show loaded with illusionism, joy and humour, using different techniques and styles.
  • A participatory medieval dance is followed by some soul-satisfying desserts and coffee. Our actors will teach the bride and groom some joyous medieval steps so that they can dance along with them to the sound of live music.
  • Later, the rest of the guests will dance, those who are encouraged, with the bride and groom and the actors.
  • * Depending on the animation chosen by the bride and groom, the previous structure may vary in its order and in the type of artists and numbers to perform. Our musicians will also make interventions throughout the lunch/dinner, with different musical pieces and medieval instruments.
  • Medieval games: After the meal, the medieval games will take place, where all attendees, children and adults will spend a fun and entertaining time participating in the different games.
  • Rope throw: Each of the teams has to throw to their side and get the other team to end up in your field.
  • Knight fight: Two knights will have to stand on top of two small circular platforms, armed with training clubs and padded ends, held by both hands. Throughout the game, they will have to try to make the opponent fall off their platform, and whoever succeeds to do so, wins!
  • Archery: The archers who decide to participate will shoot arrows, finished off in balls of rubber, to hit the centre of the target.
  • Race “to trios” of boards: Three participants from each team have to get on some boards with ropes in which they will put their feet. At the starting point, the participants of each team will have to try to reach the finish line first without falling, for which they will have to walk in unison.
  • Sack-race
  • Insert the horseshoes: There are several long sticks stuck in the ground and the participants will have to insert horseshoes into these, launching them from a certain distance.
  • Pass the Sack: The participants will stand in two lines, one behind the other and will have to leave passing, under the legs, some bags of weight. The first team to complete two rounds of passing bags wins.
  • Throw the tower: The participants will have to throw towers of wooden blocks, with cloth balls located at a certain distance from them.
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Groom and guest wardrobe:

It is the outfits of the groom and bride that have to be truly breathtaking. For that, we have made available a plethora of medieval outfits! To match the spirit, costumes for all the guests of the event are also provided. We have 12,000 suits and accessories for sale for women, men, boys and girls, with different sizes and styles (nobles, templars, princesses, innkeepers, monks, jousters, courtesans, knights, warriors, kings, queens, etc.).

Heraldic banners:

We offer the possibility of making banners with the heraldry of their surnames, which will be the ones that decorate the presidential table.

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Medieval Invitations (Design):

We have several medieval-style invitation designs for the bride and groom so that they spread the auspicious message to their family and friends, in an amazing medieval way. Attractive closures such as those of embossed wax seals can also be seen.

invitacion boda medieval

Waiter Suits:

We have clothing for waiters, bartenders, etc. which fuse well with the event.

Sound equipment:

We have different sound equipment with wireless microphones and more than 1000 medieval songs.


To add the missing flair of a medieval event, we also introduce an amusing Raptor exhibition and display.

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