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Medieworld is a company from Alicante, Spain specialized in the Middle Ages. With fifteen years of experience in the preparation and development of medieval costumes, banners, tents and various decorations and accessories from the medieval era.

We collaborate in television programs, theatrical performances by professional groups, films with a medieval atmosphere, town halls throughout the national territory, etc.

We carry out a complete study of the place where the event takes place. The decoration is adjusted to the dimensions of the space to incorporate tents and medieval tents, tables, chairs, banners, etc., and all the necessary accessories for carrying out medieval activities. We are experts in advising and implementing activities with medieval content.

Medieworld, as a company specialized in the art and craft of the Middle Ages, offers fascinating services for weddings, medieval catering, decoration of castles, squares and entire towns, to faithfully recreate the atmosphere of a medieval festival, along with a wide variety of initiatives and complementary activities. They are all aimed at the field of social relations in general and can be framed in different social spheres such as the business, institutional and private spheres.

Leisure activities and initiatives aimed at companies, institutions and individuals within the framework of human relations, such as conventions for commercials, events for managers, incentives for large clients, institutional receptions and private parties.

All this is characterized in a congenial medieval environment with a global and comprehensive decoration, full days from breakfast, with zealous events for all tastes, incorporating various entertaining activities, continuing with a scrumptious lunch, relaxation or evening event, finally culminating with spectacular dinners set at the time.

We aim to put together an enthralling medieval journey to bring together enthusiasts from around the world on the grounds of their intense passion for medieval history. Our objective is to solely promote a connection between different workers since in many cases they are from different departments and even from different cities or countries. Moreover, we make sure that the attendees (employees/clients) spend an entertaining and indulgent day, which allows them to take a break and hence, enhance their efficiency as an employee or even in day-to-day life.



MEDIEWORLD, with its GRUPO DE ANIMACIÓN ACTORAL, offers a proposal, for incentive groups, different from what has been done, generally, until now. Instead of opting for many activities and adventure tests (paint-ball, quads, zip lines, etc…), we have chosen to make the attendees spend an ENTERTAINING MEDIEVAL DAY IN WHICH THE ACTORS WILL MAKE THEM HAVE FUN AND PARTICIPATE IN MANY FUNCTIONS so that they feel involved, to a greater extent, in the story that is going to unfold.

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At the beginning of the event, the distribution of costumes will be made, where attendees will choose suits from different trades and social ranks of the time. This will mark the future of each attendee in the medieval day.

The participants, in addition to enjoying the performance of the actors, will have to overcome, divided into groups, a series of tests: some physical, mental or intellectual skills, and others more theatrical, so that the story can intriguingly advance towards an end or another.


The Count of Montiel is going to celebrate the marriage of her daughter, Leonor, with a duke whom she does not love, because she is already fallen for the blacksmith of the County. It is a forced marriage and therefore, hates her future husband. Before the lunch or dinner is held, Leonor and the other characters will interact with the attendees to update them on the story and try to position them on one side or the other.

When the attendees prepare to enter the lunch or dinner, the count’s soldiers will receive them (in a more or less friendly way, depending on the character) so that they can enter to taste their medieval food. There they will find, presiding over the tables, the Count, the Countess, his daughter and of course, the Duke who will attend said lunch/dinner together with the incentive participants. During lunch/dinner the story unfolds, animated with jesters or minstrels, belly dancers… until the blacksmith appears and ends up getting into a sword duel with the duke. All this seasoned with action, Leonor’s tears and lots of laughter from the participants. Not to mention an abundance of medieval dances, in which all attendees can participate!

The medieval games will be interspersed in the development of the story as some tests that the Count has organized on the occasion of the marriage of his daughter:

  • Archery: The archers who decide to participate will shoot arrows, finished off in balls of rubber, to hit the centre of the target.
  • Knight fight: Two knights will have to stand on top of two small circular platforms, armed with training clubs and padded ends, held by both hands. Throughout the game, they will have to try to make the opponent fall off their platform, and whoever succeeds to do so, wins!
  • Rope throw: First, two teams are formed. Then, each stand to the left and right of the midpoint of a rope and, holding it and pulling each team to their side, they have to get the other team to finish in their field.
  • Insert the horseshoes: There are several long sticks stuck in the ground and the participants will have to insert horseshoes into these, throwing them from a certain distance.
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  • Pass the bag: The participants will stand in two rows, one behind the other, and they will have to pass some weight bags under their legs. The first team to complete two rounds of passing bags wins.
  • Throw the tower: The participants will have to throw towers of wooden blocks, with cloth balls, located at a certain distance from them.

Juggling tests: A juggler will demonstrate to the attendees how to juggle (generally with balls) and they will have to manage to do a number without the balls falling to the ground.

  • Races with boards: Three participants from each team have to get on some boards with ropes in which they will put their feet. At the starting point, the participants of each team will have to try to reach the finish line first without falling, for which they will have to walk together in unison.
  • Depending on the number of attendees and the time of the incentive (half-day or full-day), these tests may vary and will be carried out at one time or another.
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We aim to OFFER YOUR EMPLOYEES OR CLIENTS AN ENTERTAINING AND DIFFERENT DAY, which can serve merely for their enjoyment or also to encourage a better bond between them. Our meals can range from the most casual refreshments to elaborate cuisines for the most demanding palate.

We have a plethora of suits and accessories for all the people who participate in the event, both for sale and for rent. All the clothing follows a meticulous study, classifying it according to the century or the stage of the Middle Ages to which it corresponds. Similarly, accessories such as belts, straps, tali, leggings, helmets, swords, shields, etc. are designed according to the role they would have to develop and in materials typical of the time such as leather, metal, etc.


We have all kinds of exterior and interior decoration elements such as; banners of various sizes, shadows, frets, caparisons, halberds, spears, swords, armour, shields, etc. There is a variety of sizes and colours for the recreation of camps, giving it the necessary utility such as dining rooms, bedrooms, etc.


Our actors develop different types of activities such as animation workshops with juggling, medieval games, dances, performances and staging, archers, tournaments, sword fights and guided tours.

To add the missing flair of a medieval event, we also introduce an amusing Raptor exhibition and display. Among other merrymaking events, the attendees will be accompanied at the entrance, sword fighting on horseback will be seen, dancing with horses (Garrocha) and even the dancers, making fond memories with the knights and their horses.