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Discover a unique collection of handcrafted medieval items, from authentic armors to swords and shields. Each piece reflects the rich history and traditional craftsmanship

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Buy Real Armour for Sale at Medieworld - Medieval Shop

Armor Collection

Explore our range of authentic medieval armors at our medieval shop, from full suits to individual pieces.

Medieval Weapons & Armour Shield at Medieworld - Medieval Shop

Swords & Shields

Discover finely crafted swords and shields at our medieval shop, perfect for collectors and enthusiasts.

Buy Real Medieval clothes at Medieworld - Medieval Shop

Historical Clothing

Discover finely crafted swords and shields at our medieval shop, perfect for collectors and enthusiasts.

A Lord of Battles company

With over two decades in the historical items industry, Medieworld, your trusted medieval shop, has not only excelled in sales and distribution but also in crafting and decorating themed events. Navigating through the challenges of the pandemic, we’ve digitized our services, enhancing our expertise in historical re-enactment and live role-playing. Now, we’re thrilled to introduce our revamped medieval shop platform, catering to both B2B and B2C customers across Europe. Join us, and let’s make history on the battlefield.

🏰 Medieval Craftsmanship Unveiled 🏰

Step into a world where history meets artistry at our medieval shop. From the intricate weaves of Chainmail to the timeless allure of Leather and the diverse treasures in Miscellany, our collections capture the essence of medieval craftsmanship. Explore, discover, and own a piece of the past in our medieval shop.

Medieval Chainmail Mastery at Medieworld - Chainmail Store

🛡️ Medieval Chainmail Mastery 🛡️

Discover our chainmail collection at our medieval shop, showcasing medieval armor craftsmanship. From coifs to hauberks, experience authenticity and durability.

Timeless Leather Craftsmanship at Medieworld - Leather Store

📿 Timeless Leather Craftsmanship 📿

Explore handcrafted leather products at our medieval shop that blend historical accuracy with modern durability. Armor, accessories, and attire await.

Medieval Miscellany Treasures at Medieworld - Viking Horn Stor

🎭 Medieval Miscellany Treasures 🎭

Dive into a diverse range of medieval miscellany at our medieval shop. Unique trinkets, essential accessories, and pieces of history are ready to be uncovered.

🆕 Latest Arrivals at Medieworld 🆕

Dive into our newest additions at our medieval shop, handpicked for their authenticity and craftsmanship. Whether you’re a collector or a medieval enthusiast, discover something unique in our latest offerings.

🛡️💼 Distributors in Europe 💼🛡️

t Medieworld, your premier medieval shop, we take pride in partnering with some of the most renowned names in the historical items industry. Our collaboration with these esteemed brands ensures that our customers receive products of the highest quality, authenticity, and craftsmanship. Dive into our collections at our medieval shop and experience the legacy of Lord of Battles, House of Warfare, and Mythrojan.

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📜 MedieWorld Chronicles 📜

Delve into the rich tapestry of medieval history, product insights, and behind-the-scenes stories from MedieWorld, your favorite medieval shop. Stay informed and inspired with our latest blog posts from our medieval shop.

ℹ️ Medieval Shop Information ℹ️

Unveil the enigmatic allure of the medieval era with the distinctive collections awaiting you at MedieWorld, your go-to medieval shop. Traverse through an epoch where valor and chivalry marked the essence of life. Our meticulously curated categories at our medieval shop promise a rendezvous with history, each echoing the gallantry and craftsmanship of a time gone by.

Armoury Enclave

Step into a realm where the valorous essence of knights and nobles reverberates through exquisite pieces. Be it Helmets, Pauldrons, Cuirasses, Gauntlets, or the full ensemble with Armour & Stand, each item is a tribute to the indomitable spirit of the medieval warrior.

Chainmail Corner

Delve into the intricacies of medieval defense with our collection of Chainmail. From Butted Mild Steel to Titanium Mail, experience the evolution of protective gear that guarded the brave.

Clothing Chronicles

Adorn the timeless elegance of medieval attire with our Clothing range. Dresses, Tunics, Gambesons, or Cloaks, every piece is a narrative woven with threads of history.

Authentic medieval armour including helmets, pauldrons, and cuirasses showcased in a rustic setting, embodying the valorous essence of knights and nobles
A selection of finely crafted leather goods including bags, belts, and cuirasses, capturing the rustic charm and rugged essence of the medieval era

Leather Lore

Explore the rustic charm of our Leather collection at our medieval shop. Leather Bags, Belts, Bracers, or Cuirasses, each item reverberates the essence of a rugged era.

Swords & Shields Sanctuary

Embark on a journey through the ancient art of warfare with our Swords & Shields collection. From the finesse of Swords and Daggers to the staunch defense of Shields, every artifact is a saga of battles fought and won.

Miscellany Mystique

Uncover a treasure trove of medieval miscellany that narrates tales of ancient creativity. Be it Leather Journals, Medieval Castle Hardware, or Horn & Bone accessories, every piece is a gateway to the past.

Brands Bastion

Discover the legacy of medieval craftsmanship through our featured brands – Mythrojan, Mystic Colonial Hardware, Made in Spain, House of Warfare, and Lord of Battles. Each brand is a herald of historical authenticity, offering a glimpse into the masterful artisanship of yore.

🌟 What Our Customers Say 🌟

Hear firsthand from our loyal customers about their experiences with Medieworld’s products and services at our distinguished medieval shop.

Arthur Benoist
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You know when you are hunting goblins in the woods (I'm talking about my yet another elf character) you always have to have your healing and mana potions, and maybe a poisoning potion or two for good measure, just in case you stumble upon a foe too big to be handled on your own 😉and this little bag will be doing exactly that for my costume and it's going to be super cool. 😁😁
пачка ирисок
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SUPER AWESOME!! Very sturdy stainless cast iron skillet finally has a cleaning expert now😁😁!! Thought I should take my appreciation here for my fellow medieval chefs who know the power of THEE perfect seasoning that honestly no ordinary scrubber can preserve .....this is something that we face a lot with our cookware....the scrubbers, they literally scratch the pans away and strip it off the flavour😅....but not with this scrubber they won't!🤩🤩
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Finally got the perfect stand for my custom-made Narsil (as it deserves to be😉). I cannot compliment it enough on its quality and solid construction. Love it. My precious sword has its precious stand....what can be better!!😃
Наталья Мусалькова
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Got this pair for my Viking costume and was honestly a bit scared on how it'll turn out. But I am actually quite happy! THE LEATHER IS AWESOME!!! I am not kidding guys....but this thing is top-notch. Will definitely get this in other colours too.🤩🤩
Aleksandr Musalkov
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I was honestly not sure of the style of belt that would put together my outfit for my brother's wedding. Had a hard time finding the perfect match for my old kilt, or should I say "theee occasion"😂 But then I got this belt and I am sooo excited to put it on!! It's super cool, not too heavy on the pocket... and the buckle is totally amazing!! Should I say that I was expecting it??...NO. Am I super happy??...YES!!!!
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Finally got this belt from Medieworld. Totally legit! The real leather feels great and has a cool worn-in look. Got this for my next fair and have to say, I am not disappointed at all!! The best part....I got the perfect size!! It doesn't hang too much after I tie it which is usually the case when you get a belt online. 😅But then I got this belt and I am sooo excited to put it on!! It's super cool, not too heavy on the pocket... and the buckle is totally amazing!! Should I say that I was expecting it??...NO. Am I super happy??...YES!!!!